The services of Genetic Counseling Toolkit, LLC are directed toward reducing health disparities and enhancing cultural competence in health care. We provide consulting services and education services in the areas of cultural competence, genetic counseling, and health care in general.

Consulting services include:

  • Providing assistance to genetics and genetic counseling training programs around new program development, accreditation, ongoing evaluation, curriculum development, faculty and student mentoring, research, and other topics.

  • Providing expert content in genetics, genetic counseling and cultural competence to training programs and professionals in other health care disciplines.

Education services include:

  • Developing and hosting the online continuing education approved resource portal for genetic counselors, students, nurses, medical interpreters, translators and other health care professionals, the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit.

  • Developing and delivering customized in-person workshops for genetic counseling and health care training programs and diverse health care practice settings on cultural and linguistic competence.

  • Developing materials, interventions, or research in genetics and/or cultural competence working independently or as part of a team.


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