Education services include developing and hosting independently created materials and interventions in genetics and cultural competence as well as working with others on project concept and development and evaluation. Ms. Warren is a teacher by training and experience. She received the University of Cincinnati Clinical Faculty Teaching Award. She continues to sharpen her skills by enrolling in seminars and keeping up on the literature on teaching and learning, syllabus design, and other topics in pedagogy.

Ms.Warren has developed 1-2 day workshops on cultural competence for the genetic counseling profession. Workshops are customized according to the target group, size of audience, time available, and other variables. Target groups include students, faculty and or supervisors affiliated with genetic counseling training programs, and practicing genetic counseling professionals. Additional target groups include training programs and professionals in other health care disciplines.

Several sample outlines:

Ms. Warren has given hundreds of short lectures to a variety of audiences over her career. With her teaching expertise, and recent focus on the content area of cultural competence, she is well qualified to present a broad range of lectures in this content area. See the attached for a partial list of short lecture topics and to review the outline for a short lecture she gave recently to nurse-midwives.

Ms. Warren's lasting influence as a thought leading genetic counselor and educator is evident. She has worked with disciplinary and interdisciplinary professionals to develop educational materials, resources, and conduct research in genetic counseling. The outcome of her 2009 JEMF Award, the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit, includes a 9-case series that has been approved for Cat 1 CEUs since 2011. 

From Genetic Counselors who Completed the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit Cases CEU Opportunity:

  • "Incidentally, this course was FANTASTIC."

  • "Thank you for this wonderful learning opportunity! I will encourage my colleagues to enroll."

  • "I found this learning opportunity to be highly informative and personally challenging!"

  • "I find the entire toolkit interesting, especially the case examples are extremely interesting and the literature provided is extremely helpful and interesting."

  • "Thank you for the time and effort put into developing the cultural competence toolkit. It was most educational and enjoyable."

From Genetic Counseling Students who Attended a Cultural Competence Workshop:

  • "Great workshop!"

  • "This workshop has helped me to pause and take each person as who they are as individuals."

  • "Excellent session overall!!"

  • "I think this topic is very important for the genetic counseling community."

  • Thank you for creating the content in the workshop and for making the effort to bring it into the world of genetic counselors. So valuable for so many reasons. Thank you to the administrators for making room for this in the curriculum. More, more, more..."


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